Well-known TV personality admitted: “I have a son I’ve never seen”

A well-known TV personality publicly admitted: “I have a son I’ve never seen”

A well-known television personality admitted having a child who arrived before her marriage in 2009 but never having seen it. She had already reported it some time ago, confessing that she only cared about him from a legal point of view. He reports that as a young man he never got engaged indeed he defined himself as a ‘very sporty’ person.

“Son never seen” (credits. Instagram)

A rather complicated situation as he himself says. He would be his first child but he only learned of the birth much later. He explains that he never had the chance to see or meet him, not revealing the reasons. Perhaps in the future, it is he himself who asks: “In the future, who knows? Now he lives abroad “.

Apparently the conductor has three children, the first born from a previous relationship, even before getting married. He said that he never had the chance to see him and maybe who knows it will happen in the future, the other two daughters were born from the marriage with his wife, with whom he got married in 2009.

The well-known TV personality admitted to having another child: “I have a child I’ve never seen”

Soon we will see him on TV with the new edition of his very popular program. Since he made his debut on the small screen with his activity and the role he has played for years, he has conquered the general public.

Alessandro Borghese is ready to return with Celebrity Chef. The program is broadcast on Tv8 and sees the challenge of two characters from the entertainment world. There is no lack of light air and irony that make everything even more welcoming. The chef himself admitted some time ago that he has another child, but he has never seen him. As he had revealed, he only deals with it on a legal level. It would seem that he hasn’t gotten to see it yet. Borghese has been married to Wilma Oliviero since 2009 and two daughters, Arizona and Alexandra, were born from the marriage. The chef’s eldest son was born before his wife’s wedding in 2006, so he should be around 16 today.

I have never seen a tv personality
Confession tv character (credits: instagram)

The conductor has always admitted this, referring to a very complicated situation. He says that as a young man he never got engaged but defined himself as a very ‘sporty’ person then: “I only learned about this son long after his birth”, he confessed, revealing that he had never met him. He does not close the doors for a future meeting, explaining that now the young man lives abroad: “In the future, who knows? He now lives abroad “. Apparently the chef in addition to having two daughters born of love with Wilma Oliviero is also the father of a third, born even before his marriage to his wife.