Wepro, an album bearing his name and an exclusive rock playlist

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Ministers – Dark times.

In this passage the Ministers show with great intensity how poetry can be transformed into a powerful emotional cut. DIVI’s voice, with his scratchy power, always manages to leave deep marks on me, and the chosen words reach me straight to the chest.

Verdena – To graze

Verdena, authentic masters of Italian rock, make their comeback with a new album, forcefully reaffirming that they have nothing to envy from foreign bands. This song fully embodies what, in my opinion, it means to be a band that rocks in Italy and in Italian.

CCCP – Heal me
CCCP are the true and undisputed school of Italian punk/new wave. Always current. I wanted to write this song myself and I chose to pay homage to them in my track “Amore Punk”, in which I repeat the word “Heal me” almost like a mantra.

Meganoids – Zeta Lattices

After discovering that the song was inspired by the G8 events in Genoa, it left an even deeper impression on me. Furthermore, the extraordinary fusion of rock elements, enchanting vocal lines and the presence of the trumpet in the song always gave me a unique and particular feeling.

Theater of Horrors – In Cold Blood:

Aside from the powerful theme of the track, the song immediately hooked me. Maestro Capovilla’s incredible communicative mastery has always fascinated me; he is a raw poet who turns the song into a real sharp blade.

Three Merry Dead Boys – The World Before:

The World Before is a wonderful acoustic rock anthem. It’s a challenge to find a track that features an acoustic guitar as the protagonist, while still maintaining an authentic rock sound. I feel a naturalness in this song, a lack of filters that goes straight to my heart in its simplicity.

Without you – Gazebo Penguins:
I think it’s the most successful experiment of Italian emo (the authentic one). The song is simply gorgeous and the lyrics melt into the music in a disarming way. Anyone who writes in Italian in this genre knows well that maintaining a credible result is a tough challenge. Even after years of listening to this song, I’m still impressed by the result.

In6n – Polyclinic:

One of the few artists of the modern Italian emo rock scene that undoubtedly deserves attention. Before I became friends with him, I was deeply impressed by his sincerity. He’s not afraid to show himself for who he is, and to me this authenticity is the most punk trait of all. This spirit is also reflected in his music, and that’s why he possesses an authentic and sharp communication skills, this song is a perfect example.

Eraser – Elephants:

This emo rock track in Italian is also incredibly well done. The guitar of the song manages to break me in two, while the atmosphere created by the singer transports me to distant places and leaves me with a strange and beautiful feeling of nostalgia.

How do you want me – Wepro:
A truly powerful liberating journey. An electronically influenced rock track that addresses the desire for authenticity and feeling good about who you really are. The edgy and cheeky lyrics are combined with an avant-garde rock sound characterized by a combination of powerful drums and bass, fresh synths and modern guitar distortions. In my opinion, it is one of my best songs.