“We’re getting married in July”, the famous couple get married: a splendid announcement

The famous couple from the world of entertainment get married, the splendid announcement arrives: “In July we will get married”

The announcement was in the air, but now it’s really official. The couple will finally get married: “In July we get married“. The news made the whole environment happy. The couple, in addition to being famous, is also much loved by their colleagues.

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The couple is ready to get married: splendid announcement (Source: Pixabay)

The famous couple gets married: “In July we get married”

Orange blossom in show business: one couple loved by the public has decided to get married. The announcement came in the last few hours: “In July we get married“. The happy news made both fans and colleagues smile. The two, in fact, are loved by both the public and their friends. We are therefore sure that there will be many guests at the wedding.

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Haven’t you figured out who we’re talking about yet? The two future spouses are very famous and you will surely know them. But you may have missed this splendid announcement. So if you are curious to know who we are talking about, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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Enrico Brignano and Flora Canto they are ready to get married. The marriage proposal arrived in September at the Verona Arena in front of thousands of people. Preparations are underway, but in the meantime the date is already in place. “In July we get married“, Flora told“ Today is another day ”.


Date and location have already been fixed, but the wedding dress is still missing and other details are to be defined: “It will be on the sea, we will do everything there, our daughter Martina will bring the wedding rings, it will be an American ceremony. With the organization I am behind, I have not yet made the invitations and I have not yet decided on the dress “.

Flora Canto and Enrico Brignano have been romantically linked for 10 years and have had two sons, Martina and Niccolò. Their love story proceeds at full speed, the two seem very close and in love, but between them it is not always all peaceful: “We fight a lot, we have strong characters, but then we can’t stay away”. To keep them together are the many laughs they make together.