West Bank, street protests against Israel’s offensive in Gaza

Many people took to the streets of major West Bank cities to demonstrate against the Israeli army expanding ground operations in Gaza. In the images released by Haaretz, protests can be seen in Nablus, Ramallah, Jenin, Bethlehem and Hebron, but also in numerous other villages (ISRAEL-HAMAS CONFLICT, FOLLOW THE UPDATES LIVE).

Hamas’s appeal to the Palestinian diaspora and the Arab states

Hamas, immediately after the start of the new offensive in Tel Aviv, invited the Palestinians of the diaspora, i.e. those from the West Bank and East Jerusalem “to mobilize” in support of Gaza. ‘Al Jazeera’ reported this, citing a statement from the Palestinian group. The militants said they held Israel, the United States and other Western nations that support Israel “fully responsible for the series of brutal massacres” that have been committed against the people of Gaza. The group called on Arab nations and the international community to take immediate action to stop the “crimes” and massacres” against Palestinians in the Strip. “This is the time for weapons,” Hamas said.

Iran warns: ‘New fronts could open against the US’

“New fronts” could open up for the United States if it continues to support Israel unequivocally, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossei Amirabdollahian said in an interview with Bloomberg. “If the United States continues what it has done so far, then new fronts may open against it. I would like to warn that continuing the killing of women and children will make the situation in the region spiral out of control. The United States must decide: Do they want to escalate the war?”

Demonstrations in support of the Palestinians in Türkiye, Tunisia and Macedonia

Pro-Palestine demonstrations are also underway in Istanbul and Tunis following Israel’s massive attack in the Gaza Strip. The live broadcasts of pan-Arab TV shows it. A march in support of the Palestinian people also took place today in Tetovo, in the northwestern part of North Macedonia. With the slogan ‘Free Palestine’, the demonstrators denounced the continuing massacres of innocent civilians in Gaza, noting that for world governments the victims of Gaza have less value than those of Israel. “Let the people of Gaza know that behind them there are millions of people who still have something alive left of human nature,” one of the organizers said.