West Nile, a case in Lecce: virus hits 80-year-old

The patient experienced high fever and neurological symptoms which are currently in remission

Disease of West Nile, a case registered in the province of Lecce in recent days. The patient is an 80-year-old man who experienced high fever and neurological symptoms that are currently in remission. This was announced by the Lecce Local Health Authority. The disease is caused by a virus that he recognizes as vectors of birds and horses and is normally transmitted to humans by the common mosquito. Immediately after the timely diagnosis carried out by the doctors of the Infectious Diseases Operational Unit of the ‘Vito Fazzi’ Hospital, and confirmed by the regional reference laboratory of the University of Bari, the doctors of the Hygiene and Public Health Service of the Prevention Department carried out the epidemiological investigation and arranged, in agreement with the Municipality of Lecce, the strengthening of measures to combat the spread of the disease through the fight against the insects involved in its transmission.

“The Veterinary Services of the Local Health Authority – it is assured by the local health company – have also activated surveillance initiatives against animals recognized as possible vectors and the monitoring campaign against insects has been intensified. The Transfusion Services will carry out specific tests against of donors. The situation is currently under control”, continues the ASL. “However, citizens are invited to protect themselves from bites and prevent mosquitoes from reproducing easily: by using repellents and wearing long trousers and long-sleeved shirts when outdoors, especially at dawn and dusk; by using mosquito nets on the windows ; frequently emptying flower pots or other containers (for example buckets) with stagnant water, frequently changing the water in animal bowls, keeping children’s ‘pools’ in a vertical position when not in use”.