We’ve always seen her like this, but what’s she like without makeup? The images in comparison will leave you speechless

We’ve always seen Jessica Alba in makeup, but what’s she like without it? The images in comparison will really leave you speechless: unbelievable!

Born in California in 1981, Jessica Alba is one of the most popular actresses in international cinema and television. The undisputed star of many successful films and sensational TV series, the actress made her debut in this world when she was really young. And, since that moment, it has never stopped.

Have you ever seen her without makeup? What a crash! Photo Source: Instagram

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Beloved and highly appreciated, Jessica Alba boasts a truly impressive following. And, let’s be clear, we are not only referring to the enormous success that each of his films collects, but also to the clamor found on his official social channel. A real star of Instagram and Tik Tok, the splendid Californian actress never misses an opportunity to entertain her supporters with enchanting photographs, but also equally unmissable videos. In fact, one of the videos that the actress shared on her Tik Tok profile gives us ample proof of this. We are used to always seeing her with stage clothes or super make-up, but have you ever wondered how she looks natural? In this short video, the beautiful Alba shows herself completely without makeup. And we anticipate: the comparison will leave you speechless.

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Jessica Alba without makeup: the images in comparison will amaze you, beyond belief

A real crash! This is the comment that spontaneously arose when we saw Jessica Alba without makeup! On the other hand, let’s face it, the beauty of a woman is precisely this: in seeing her naturally!

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On her Tik Tok channel, Jessica Alba shared a video where she not only showed herself completely without makeup, but also made known the ‘before’ and ‘after’. Are you ready to see it too? We think about it right away. However, be careful: you will be truly speechless.

without makeup
Photo Source: Tik Tok

Here, as you can see, Jessica Alba shows herself completely natural. A few moments later, however, the ‘transformation’. Take a look here:

without makeup
Photo Source: Tik Tok

You too were left speechless, right? How to blame you! Whether she is wearing makeup or not, Jessica Alba is always stunning! What do you think?