What a similarity! Have you seen Federica Pellegrini’s mother?

Have you ever seen Federica Pellegrini’s mother? The similarity is very strong and both are beautiful.

Federica Pellegrini made us live a dream. In 2021 she set a record, in fact she is the first swimmer with more Olympic finals in the same race. Nicknamed the divineis considered the greatest Italian swimmer in history as well as one of the longest-lived ever in her field.

Have you ever seen Federica Pellegrini’s mother? Together they are beautiful (Credits: instagram)

His official retirement from swimming took place on November 30, 2021 at the Italian Winter Championships, an event in which he also won his last gold medal in his 200m freestyle. After her triumph at the Olympics, she came out into the open with her boyfriend, the coach Matteo Giunta. In October 2021 Matteo made the marriage proposal to the woman and his answer was yes.

Like all the characters of the entertainment world, Federica is also very social. In the last few days she has published some shots in which we see her spending a few days of vacation with her mother. Have you ever seen mother and daughter together? You will immediately notice the similarity.

Federica Pellegrini with her mother: there is similarity and beauty too

In October 2021 Federica Pellegrini published a shot on her social channel that left the fans speechless. Her boyfriend, the coach Matteo Giunta made her the marriage proposal.

You and me and the whole world outside, YES“, He wrote in support of the photo in which we see Matteo kneeling with the ring joined to Federica in a tender kiss. The former swimmer is apparently getting married, a date has not yet been confirmed. After years of career and strong commitment she is ready to welcome ‘new horizons’ in her life. Pellegrini, like all the characters in the world of entertainment, is also very social. In the last few days he is on vacation with his mom and has published some shots together in which they have fun and enjoy a bit of relaxation.

Federica Pellegrini and Mom
Credits: instagram

Federica’s mother is called Cinzia. In the shared shots the smiles are big, between drinks, sea and lots of sun: “First outing and second day of navigation … still milky white but sun, sun and more sun is expected”, wrote in support of the post. What do we notice looking at this photo? Federica and her mother are very similar and are two wonderful women.