What Alfonso Signorini did before becoming famous: the background that few know

What Alfonso Signorini did before becoming famous as he is today: the background that few know.

The Big Brother VIP started in September with the new edition. The previous one saw the triumph of Jessica Selassie who in the final confrontation was with Davide Silvestri: the actor was positioned in second place. Now, with the start of the new one, the first names are already being made about who can win the reality show since there are preferences.

Alfonso Signorini, first (credits: youtube) sologossip

But, you know, it’s still too early to find out: who do you think will win and who deserves to triumph? Also this year Alfonso Signorini will lead the program. Since he took the reins he is having as impressive a success as it was even before his arrival. But even before that, you will remember that the conductor was present in the reality show with a different role.

In fact we saw him as a columnist alongside Ilary Blasi who then left and took the helm of L’Isola dei Famosi. Signorini took the place of the presenter and took over the format and did it very well. In fact, viewers get involved in the GF Vip and follow each episode carefully. Right from the start she was able to deal in the best possible way with what happened to Marco Bellavia, the mental coach who abandoned the game. The latter had spoken about his mental problems of him and had asked for help from the other housemates, which he did not receive. The conductor, in the episode, made his voice and his thoughts heard. Alfonso is also the director of the famous magazine Chi and is a journalist. But before getting on TV and achieving success, do you know what he was doing?

What Alfonso Signorini did before becoming famous: here’s what not everyone knows

Alfonso Signorini is once again at the helm of Big Brother Vip. She knows her stuff so much that the program is having impressive success. The public follows the live broadcasts with a certain attention and with a lot of curiosity to discover the issues addressed.

When one is opened, gossip is created around it. To reveal what happens, for example, on social networks, during the episode but also during the week, is Giulia Salemi, who has her workstation. The influencer and ex Vippona was chosen by the conductor to play this role and she does it very well. But returning to Signorini, you will know that she is a journalist and director of ‘Chi’, but what did she do before her success on TV?

alfonso lordini work before
What did he do before (credits: youtube) sologossip

Perhaps you don’t know that Signorini graduated in Classical Literature and then obtained a specialist in medieval and humanistic philology. After university studies, apparently, began his teaching career. Today he is the conductor of the GF Vip.