What are the 3 cheapest tourist destinations to visit in Argentina, according to Artificial Intelligence

The landscapes in Argentina can be truly stunning, and so are the prices. Through Artificial Intelligence, it was possible to know which are the most economical destinations to discover Argentina. The travel website, skyscannerconducted a study on the most affordable places in Argentina.

In Argentina We can find three economical and very attractive places to visit. Each one with its diverse landscapes for all tastes. Likewise, it is important to know that this country has a more affordable cost of living compared to other countries in South America, so your visit can be economical.

Mendoza. Source: Pexels.

First of all, the province of Mendoza. This charming city is located in the west of Argentina, where you can enjoy a temperate climate and contemplate its incredible sunsets. The wineries with their vineyards make it a great tourist attraction.

Cordova. Source: Pexels.

In the center of Argentina, Cordova It is the second most affordable place to visit according to AI, dazzling with its colonial architecture and vibrant cultural scene. Like Mendoza, both flights and accommodation are affordable.

Missions. Source: Pexels.

The province of Missions occupies third place, this province is located in the northeast of Argentina, Misiones immerses you in a tropical jungle and the rich Guaraní culture. The cost of living in this region is even lower than in Mendoza and Córdoba, and flights and accommodation are surprisingly cheap. These destinations offer a wide range of tourist attractions, from stunning natural landscapes to historical and cultural sites. We recommend that you plan your trip to go in the fall and winter months, due to high prices for flights and accommodation during the high season, which is usually in summer. Likewise, make the most of local cuisine, the prices are very affordable and the flavors incredible. Now you know where to go on your next getaway.