What did Gerry Scotti study when he was very young? Few imagine it

Today he is a very famous conductor, but do you know what Gerry Scotti studied when he was very young? Few imagine this background.

All lovers of Gerry Scotti can rejoice: starting tonight 17 September, the beloved presenter will have a double date on TV. Not only that, therefore, he will continue to be at the helm of Free Fall, but he will be back in the very strong team of Tu si que vales. In short, a real en plein!

What did you study? Credits: Mediaset Play

Even before landing on the small screen as a conductor, Gerry Scotti not only started working in a completely different field from the one in which we usually see him, but he became widely known in the radio world. It is after his debut on TV, however, that the good Virgil begins to ride the wave of success, never stopping.

There are so many programs that Gerry Scotti has taken over the reins, leading them to immeasurable success. Have you ever wondered, though, what the beloved host did before all this? In particular, what Gerry Scotti studied before starting to ride the crest of the wave on the small screen. We are sure that, although beloved, few know this background about him.

What did Gerry Scotti study? Shock decision

Today he is among the most loved and established faces of the Italian show, but perhaps not everyone knows that Gerry Scotti has always had clear ideas about his future. And he worked hard from day one to get what he had always wanted: a place on Italian television! Of course, he took his first steps in the world of radio and music, but it is since he made his debut on the small screen that he has never stopped. Have you ever wondered, though, what did Gerry Scotti study when he was very young? About the beloved TV presenter, we really know everything, but what do you need to know about his qualification? Maybe not everyone knows it, but in the middle of his school career, the good Virgil made a shocking decision! Unthinkable, right? Let’s find out some more details together.

Gerry Scotti, as well as many other faces of the show, also obtained the classical diploma. After high school, then, the conductor wanted to enroll in the faculty of law, but did not achieve any type of final qualification. As reiterated by the person concerned on several occasions, the beloved Scotti interrupted his university career two exams after graduation, greatly disappointing the expectations of his parents, who already saw him as a lawyer. It is, as we can clearly understand, a shock decision, which confirms when Gerry had clear ideas about his future.

what scotti studied
Gerry Scotti study. Credits: Mediaset Play

Did you know this background?