What did Serena Rossi do before her success as an actress? It all started like this

Everyone loves her, but do you know what Serena Rossi did before her success? Her journey into the world of entertainment began just like that.

It is finally back on TV: Serena Rossi conquers once again with his skill! Again on the air with the second season of Mina Settembre, the young Neapolitan is confirmed as one of the most talented faces in our show.

Serena Rossi first actress. Credits: Instagram

It is useless to retrace her beginnings: made known by the Italian public with Un posto al sole, a famous Neapolitan soap opera, the young actress easily won everyone’s attention. On the other hand, Serena Rossi could not absolutely go unnoticed: from a shameless beauty and her skill – despite her very young age – more unique than rare, the beautiful Carmen made everyone agree.

After making herself known at Un posto al sole, Serena Rossi’s career literally took off. She singer, presenter and actress: there is nothing that the Neapolitan does not know how to do. And most importantly, there’s no role she said no to. On the other hand, it was her direct interest that revealed to La Repubblica in 2007 that she accepts all the projects she likes. But have you ever wondered what she did Before of her success as an actress? She was the one who uncovered everything several years ago!

Serena Rossi before the success, what did she do?

Waiting for tonight’s episode of Mina Settembre, you too are curious to know this ‘background’ of the past of Serena Rossi? As we said a little while ago, when we talk about her, we refer to one of the faces most loved by the Italian public. Are you convinced, however, that you know everything about her? Most likely, no! Serena Rossi began to ride the wave of success after Un posto al sole, ma Before what was he doing at this moment? Let’s find out his words together at La Repubblica in 2007.

We know very well that Serena Rossi has a passion for music, but what very few imagine is that before becoming an actress this was exactly what she did. To her La repubblica, in fact, she told her about her beginnings, explaining that she started as a piano bar singer thanks to a family friend. “Everyone in the family sang. Passion then became a profession “, he said.

What will happen to Mina Settembre tonight?

Tonight, therefore, the first episode of Mina Settembre will air, but what can we expect from this second season? As also told in one of our articles, the Rai Uno audience is ready to be surprised. Not only, in fact, the social worker could really choose between her ex-husband and her colleague, who among other things has received a job offer abroad, but she will also have to deal with a ‘sensational’ new entry that will revolutionize her life.

serena rossi first
Mina September. Credits: Instagram

In short, we will certainly see some good ones!