What does Daniele Dal Moro’s ex-girlfriend do today, known to Big Brother?

What does Daniele Dal Moro’s ex-girlfriend do today, met in the Big Brother house? Several years have passed since then: here it is.

Just like Carolina Marconi, not changed by her ‘first’ Big Brother, too Daniele Dal Moro he is not at all unknown to the Canale 5 audience. Even before taking part in Men and Women, whose path has not been completed at all, the young man from Verona made himself known in the famous Cinecittà reality show, entertaining everyone with his charm.

Ex-girlfriend today. Credits: Mediaset Play

Having joined the Canale 5 reality show during the last ‘nip’ edition, the one conducted by Barbara D’Urso, Daniele Dal Moro has easily made himself known by the Italian public. On his side, the young man from Verona not only had an irresistible charm, completely unchanged from now, but also a strong and determined character.

His journey in the house of the GF Vip is certainly one of the most unforgettable. Many, in fact, will not be able to help but remember that, right under the spotlight of Cinecittà, Daniele had started a love story. Remember who his was Ex Girlfriend? And above all, what are you doing today?

What does Daniele Dal Moro’s ex-girlfriend do today?

“For me it wasn’t love, for her it would seem so. However, she remains a person I love very much “, these are the exact words with which Daniele Dal Moro introduced himself to the audience of the GF Vip, recalling the love story he lived during his very first experience in the house.

Daniele had entered the Big Brother 16 house as a single, but his eyes immediately fell on Martina Nasoni. The two, despite continuous ups and downs, lived a relationship within the four walls of Cinecittà, which lasted until some time after their experience on TV. What are you doing today, though, Daniele Dal Moro’s ex-girlfriend? Following her victory in the reality show, the very young tattoo artist rode the crest of the wave and took part in several TV salons as a commentator, but today?

Although three years have passed since her victory at GF Vip, Martina Nasoni’s success continues to be shameless. On social media, the former reality winner is beloved! After the program, the young Umbrian began her work as an influencer, as a model for stunning photo shoots and made her debut as an actress.

Finally, reading her Instagram bio, we read that she owns an apartment located in the center of Terni available for tourists.

Remember the story of Martina Nasoni

Many will remember the story of Martina Nasoni. Inside the house of the GF, the young woman told of the heart disease she discovered at the age of 12 which resulted in the implantation of a pacemaker that regulates and normalizes the heartbeat.

daniele dal moro ex girlfriend
Martina today. Credits: Instagram

Will there ever be a confrontation between you and Daniele?