What does Leonardo, Pampita’s little-known brother do?

TV host and model Carolina ‘Pampita’ Ardohain The 44-year-old is one of the most followed women on social media in the region, both for her beauty and her talent. Everything the brunette does matters to her fans, whether it’s her private or professional life.

pampita He accumulates only on Instagram 7 million followers from all latitudes who are aware of his movements. She shares for her fans her photos of her best looks and her poses since she is a reference in fashion and her trends because of her good taste in clothing.

But also pampita share photos of your daily activities and your family. The model shows her children and her husband, Roberto García Moritán, and also her nephews and brothers. She has two brothers Leonard who is the oldest and Guillermo who is the youngest and a sister named Agostina.

Leonardo and Pampita. Source: instagram @leonardoardohain

Leonard He is also the father of Brisa, one of the favorite nieces of pampita who is also a nanny for Ana, the model’s youngest daughter with Roberto García Moritán. The truth is that Leonardo has three children in total and an appliance store in La Pampa, the hometown of Benjamín Vicuña’s ex.

Leonardo and his family. Source: instagram @leonardoardohain

Yes ok pampita you don’t see him as often as you’d like the relationship with Leonard it’s very good. When Ana was born to her, her uncle received her with an emotional message on social networks in which she welcomed her to this world. “And the day came… and Ana came and lit up their eyes, their lives, our lives, our eyes… It made the family even bigger… How nice to be many more… and with this beauty already with us and at side of you…” wrote Leonardo.