What does the winner of the latest edition of Bake Off do today? Incredible: it happened after his triumph

She was the winner of the very latest edition of Bake Off, but do you know what she does today? Really amazing what happened after the triumph.

All sweets lovers looked forward to this moment and were more than satisfied! Starting from September 2nd, Benedetta Parodi cheers all her large audience with the tenth season of Bake Off Italia. Do you already have a favorite of yours? Difficult to choose, you are right! We are still in the early stages and so far everyone is proving to be in contention for the title of winner.

Bake off winner. Credits: Instagram

For the tenth consecutive year, Benedetta Parodi is at the helm of the famous and beloved pastry talent. Together with Damiano Carrara, Ernst Knam, Tommaso Foglia – new entry of the program on which we have told you a completely unpublished background – and Clelia D’Onofrio in a role designed specifically for her, the program is preparing to conquer its audience at sound of trials, exteriors and challenges.

Looking forward to find out who will be the winner or the winner of this edition, you are curious to know what happened to it today the triumph of the latest edition of Bake Off? We are talking about Daniela Ribezzo, a splendid thirty-year-old from Foggia who has always been passionate about sweets. Sifting through her Instagram channel, we discovered everything that happened to the young winner of Bake Off 9 immediately after her triumph. Incredible!

Incredible what happened to the winner of Bake Off after her triumph

We are confident that you too – looking forward to finding out who will triumph at the end of this tenth season of Bake Off – you can’t wait to find out what happened to winner of the last edition. Daniela Ribezzo, albeit very young, managed to beat the competition – and there were talents – managing to win not only she gets a chocolate masterclass, but also the opportunity to conduct her first dessert program. In short, a real leap in quality! What do we know about her now? At the time of her participation in the talent show, the very young thirty-year-old was a teacher and dancer, but today? As we said, we managed to track down Daniela on Instagram and we discovered everything she does today.

We do not know if, even today, Daniela continues to carry out the profession of teacher and dancer, but we can tell you that her passion for sweets continues to be very strong. In addition to shots of her alone or with her boyfriend, we tracked down several photos of her of her sweets. How tasty! The ‘surprises’, however, are not over! After her experience in talent, something incredible happened: Daniela has become the star of social media! With a profile that has almost 35,000 followers, making it one of the stars of Instagram. Would you have ever imagined it?

winning bake off today
What does Daniela do today. Credits: Instagram

We hope that Daniela’s journey into the world of pastry is only just beginning. Indeed, we wish him so!