What fate belongs to Queen Elizabeth’s dogs: her beloved Corgi

The immense legacy left by Queen Elizabeth also includes her beloved dogs – that’s who will take care of them now.

These are days of mourning for the UK and also for the rest of the world: the Queen Elizabeth she went out, giving everyone a great page of history, the one she helped to write over the 70 years she was seated on the throne. A throne that you have been able to occupy with extreme fidelity to the people and the Crown and which will be an example for future generations.

Queen Elizabeth corgi what will happen (Credits: Instagram)

In addition to the great moral heritage of Elizabeth II, there is obviously also that which concerns the immense patrimony she was the owner of as sovereign and which now passes into the hands of her descendants. Her beloved ones also belong to this patrimony dogs with which she has been immortalized in many news reports and in the thousands of photos that tell of her life.

He had thirty in all and the first of a long series, Dookiewas a corgi which he received as a gift when he was only 7 years old. Also Susan, which she adopted when she was already 18, stayed with her for a long time, a good 15 years! For the sovereign, animals have been true friends and she has always treated them with great affection. Suffice it to say that on Susan’s tombstone it says: “Susan, born on February 20, 1944 and died on January 26, 1959, faithful companion of the Queen for almost 15 years”.

Not everyone knows that Elizabeth II was also very attentive to diet of his dogs and he personally checked that their diet was adequate and correct. Every day, at exactly 5 pm, the animals were served their meal, which consisted of a steak and a chicken breast.

Who will Queen Elizabeth’s dogs go to?

After Susan, the Queen had other dogs and not only corgi breed: she also adopted Labradors, Cocker Spaniels and dorgi. The latter were born from crosses between the corgi and the German dachshunds of his sister Margaret. When, in 2018, her Willow also died, the sovereign decided at first not to take other dogs because she, given her age, did not want to leave them ‘orphans’ upon her death.

Her son Andrea, however, made her rediscover her enthusiasm for adorable four-legged friends. In February of last year, when Prince Philip was hospitalized, he gave her two Dorgi puppies, Muick and Fergus. Unlike the latter, who died shortly after Filippo, Muick is still alive and now with him are Candi, Lizzie and a corgi donated to the Queen by her granddaughters Eugenia and Beatrice.

In these days when the whole world is talking about Elizabeth II, her life and what will happen now that she is gone, one also wonders what will become of the little dogs. Well, based on what has been leaked so far, it seems that two of them will go to William and Kate, while the other two to Prince Andrew.

Queen Elizabeth dogs
Queen Elizabeth who will take dogs (Credits: Instagram)

Throughout her life the Queen has also loved horses very much: the princess will take care of them Anna and his daughter Zara Tindall.