What few know about ‘The test of the cook’: moving background

Nothing is given by chance: here is the truth that few know, the one hidden behind The cook’s test

The cook’s test is a very popular program signed Rai. It is a celebration that unites the various culinary traditions of our Italy and beyond.
Headings, matters of the heart and funny characters move in this engaging context full of goodness.

Antonella Clerici The Test of the Cook (Credit Instagram) – only gossip

During the past edition, however, the presenter Antonella Clerici tells one hidden truth of the program.
The public yes movesbut let’s find out together what happened

Nothing is given by chance: the hidden truth that is hidden a The cook’s test

Antonella Clerici tells of a drama occurred during the registration of The cook’s test.
A few minutes after the start of an episode last March, the presenter makes one shocking revelation.

It is a mourning that affected Antonella’s life. Let’s not talk about one lost of a family member, but of a woman known to many.
She was from inspirations for many and accompanied our childhood.

Giampiero Gualandison-in-law of the missing woman, writes a song in honor of her when she was still alive and brings her to The Golden Zecchino.

They are Grandma Pina’s tagliatelle. Full of energy, vitamin effect. Eat hot with ragù, with ragù! They fill you up for six days and even more” is the refrain of the famous song sung for the first time in 2003.

Antonella Clerici
Antonella Clerici, moving background (Credit Instagram) – only gossip

This single has been the theme song for years of the transmission de The cook’s test and the lost from Grandma Pina it makes Antonella’s fortitude waver.
At the registry office Giuseppina Villani she was not just a grandmother, but also the best woman at preparing tagliatelle. Nonna Pina was born in Bologna and left us at 86 years old.

Clerici breaks the news in tears and moves his audience. “Today I want to remember and say goodbye to Nonna Pina, i.e. Giuseppina Villani. It was she who inspired the author of the song about noodles, her son-in-law ” comments Antonella at the beginning of the episode.

After the pain, the production decides to listen to the famous song again also to honor Giuseppina. Grandma made us to dream and travel with the imagination.

After that, the episode resumes its normal programming with important guests and the usual challenges. However, everyone will never forget Villani.

Antonella Clerici he almost never shows himself in tears, but prefers to always be smiling. In these hard moments, however, the mask falls off and sadness takes over. Giuseppina Villanialso known as Grandma Pina, will not die until its song is stopped being sung. So it’s almost impossible.
There won’t be any future child who won’t know her, or at least that must be our promise