What happened to Avery and Omar after 90 days of falling in love? Shock decision

What happened to Omar and Avery after 90 days of falling in love? Shock decision after the program: it was really inevitable!

Among the many couples who have alternated in the different editions of 90 days to fall in love, Avery and Omar they form the one that most captured the attention and on which, even now, the viewers of the program are questioning themselves. What happened to them today? Do they – like Sumit and Jenny – still form a couple? Not everyone knows this shocking decision that the two very young boys were forced to make.

Avery and Omar later. Credits: Youtube

90 days to fall in love is, without a doubt, one of the most followed programs on the Italian small screen. In fact, many are those who passionately watch all the stories that are told episode after episode. And just as many are those who are curious to know what happened to couples after the program. Recently, for example, we told you about Jason and Cassia and we couldn’t tell you about the shock of a few months ago. Now, instead, we want to tell you what happened to Avery and Omar after the docu-reality. Are they still together? Let’s find out together.

Avery and Omar after 90 days to fall in love: shock decision

Right from the start, the story of Avery and Omar she showed herself completely different from the others. And, indeed, it was just like that. The two, according to what is learned, it would seem that they met on a dating chat and that they immediately liked each other. It seemed that everything was going well, until the young 20-year-old found out that the boy she had just met was in Syria. What to do then? She lived in the United States, how could they meet? The two, in fact, took a long time before seeing each other for the first time, but thanks to the help and support of her mother, Avery managed to reach Omar in Lebanon and even get married. Even in this case, however, the situation has not been resolved in the best way. Due to a US ban that did not admit Syrian citizens, the two very young boys began to live a long-distance story. Despite this and the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic that postponed his visa, the two have never stopped loving each other.

What happened to them today? Despite all these pitfalls, are Omar and Avery still a couple? In spite of all that was believed, yes. We will tell you more: they also made a drastic decision! Not only are the two lovebirds still husband and wife, but they also live together. Sweet Avery, in fact, has chosen to move to the country of her partner. A decidedly shocking decision, but inevitable.

avery omar 90 days to fall in love
I shoot Instagram couple. Credits: Instagram

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