What is Maria De Filippi watching on TV? The ‘revelation’ in La Vita live

What is Maria De Filippi watching on TV? The ‘revelation’ to La Vita in direct does not go unnoticed.

A curtain that did not go unnoticed, the one born a few days ago in the de studio Life live. During a parenthesis dedicated to Dancing with the stars, the name of Maria De Filippi, who every Saturday night is in “challenge” against the transmission of Milly Carlucci, with his Tu si que vales.

What does Maria De Filippi watch on TV? The curtain at La Vita live (Source Mediaset Infinity)

Anna Pettinelli, singing coach at Amici, was also a guest in Alberto Matano’s broadcast. When the latter admits to watching Dancing with the stars, Zazzaroni asks: “Does Maria know?”. From here an unmissable curtain. Here’s what happened.

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What is Maria De Filippi watching on TV? The curtain at La Vita live on the Saturday night match

“The I’m a spectator of Dancing with the stars, I look at you and I am passionate about it “he admits Anna Pettinelli, in the studio at La Vita live. It is at this point that Ivan Zazzaroni asks Pettinelli if Maria De Filippi was aware of the thing, being Pettinelli a teacher of Amici, Maria De Filippi’s talent show. “Of course he knows, because he shouldn’t know, there’s nothing wrong with that,” replies Pettinelli. And, in the background, you can hear it Carolyn Smith exclaim: “She looks at him too”, referring to Maria De Filippi. The scene was reported on Twitter by Chirp:

A curtain during which Milly Carlucci is seen connected in the video, smiling. And speaking of the Saturday night challenge, it is Maria De Filippi’s broadcast that triumphs in terms of ratings, despite the great success of Ballando: in the last episode, the Canale 5 show was followed by about 4.6 million spectators equal to 27.9% share, against the 3.6 million of Ballando (20.5%)

Anna Pettinelli at La Vita live (Source Twitter)

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And you, what do you watch on Saturday evening: Dancing with the stars or Tu si que vales?