What is the Lip gloss overture, the TikTokers’ tactic to attract attention

It’s been dubbed the “lip gloss tactic” and is a technique used by many TikTokers to gain attention, in the first few seconds of their videos. He tells it New York Times which explains how many videos show creators absentmindedly putting on lip gloss or lipstick in the first few seconds.

Other creator tactics

Julia Broome, a social media manager in Los Angeles, explains that the “trick” is just one of many tricks to grab the user’s attention in the first seconds. Other examples include starting a video while positioning the camera, to make it seem like the filming was just an improvised idea, or wearing bracelets that make an appealing noise for the listener, or shooting a video in a hurry while pretending to be late.

The effect on users

For some users, “when influencers do tactics like that, it makes you feel like you’re talking to them personally, it’s like a FaceTime call. You kind of get sucked into thinking that you’re actually having a conversation with that person,” he explained to Nyt Michelle Onorato, who works in hospitality marketing.

Examples of overture lip gloss

Among the examples of videos with a “lip gloss overture” the American newspaper cites several examples, such as “an influencer going shopping in Erewhon in Los Angeles, a clip of “Laguna Beach” star Kristin Cavallari sitting in her machine while lip-syncing and a nutritionist offering advice.” As Julia Broome explains, in fact, many of those who start their videos while putting on lipstick or lip gloss are not in the business of selling cosmetics.