What is the scariest movie of all, according to a study?

A question that has plagued horror movie lovers is what is the scariest movie of all time. Fortunately, a scientific study known as the “Science of Scare Project” has shed light on this cinematic enigma. In its quest to determine which movie provokes the most fear, this project recruited 250 moviegoers to subject them to a series of horror movies. terror while their heart rate and other indicators were measured through monitors.

The results of this scientific study are surprising and defy conventional expectations. The movie that emerged as the most terrifying, according to the “Science of Fear”, is “Sinister” (2012), starring Ethan Hawke. In this film, Hawke’s character, a true crime writer, embarks on an investigation that leads him to discover a disturbing video that shows the death of a family.

From here, the plot becomes entangled in mystery and terror. The film earned a “scary” score of 96/100 and the highest peak heart rate recorded during its screening was 131 beats per minute, more than double the average resting heart rate.

This surprising discovery positions “Sinister” as the movie scariest, surpassing classics of the genre such as “The Exorcist”, “Paranormal Activity” and “The Shining”. The film manages to immerse viewers in an atmosphere of horror that defies their expectations and keeps them on the edge of their seats.

In addition to determining which is the scariest movie, the study also ventured to identify the scariest scene in the history of cinema. terror. Surprisingly, this distinction fell to a scene from “Insidious”, a film that, in the overall classification, took fourth place. The scene in question caused a heart rate of 133 beats per minute in viewers, underscoring the effectiveness of a good scare in the cinema.