What job did Eva Grimaldi do before becoming an actress? Unthinkable ‘background’

It was the most desired in the 80s and still today it is beautiful, but not everyone imagines what work Eva Grimaldi did before.

Arrived a few days ago in the house of GF Vip 6, Eva Grimaldi it is certainly a face much loved by the public. Her career ranges between TV, cinema and theater and since the 1980s she has represented a true icon of timeless beauty.

Do you know what work Eva Grimaldi did before becoming an actress? Unthinkable ‘background’ (Instagram)

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Born on 7 September 1961, she is originally from the province of Verona and, despite being a child she was affected by dyslexia And stuttering, she managed to have a bright working future just as an actress, a profession in which language is very important.

In fact, he starred in successful fiction such as The beauty of women, Catherine and her daughters, The sin and the shame but also at the cinema with directors of the caliber of Federico Fellini and Mario Monicelli, to name a few.

However, very few know that, having been born into a very poor family, Eva had a completely different job before reaching fame.

Eva Grimaldi before her success: what kind of job did the gieffina do

Very attached to her family, Grimaldi recalled in an interview with Barbara D’Urso that her mother did the cleaning in an institute of nuns in order to pay her a suitable school to correct her stuttering.

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“We were a very poor family, we grew up with Caritas”, he confessed to Domenica In. Well, no one would ever imagine that before becoming such a beloved artist, the beautiful Eva worked as a gas attendant. That’s right: having always been a hard worker, Eva also includes this experience in her curriculum!

Now the Venetian actress is among the contestants of GF Vip 6 and will spend Christmas and other holidays in the Cinecittà house. His wife Imma Battaglia he supports her very much in this adventure and we are sure that he will soon surprise her.

what work did Eva Grimaldi do before
Photo source: Instagram

And can you imagine it in those years that preceded its enormous success?