What Queen Elizabeth does to her guests before and after Christmas lunch: a bizarre but indispensable tradition

The curious custom that Queen Elizabeth does not give up absolutely at Christmas on the occasion of the traditional family lunch.

Christmas for Queen Elizabeth is a celebration to be honored at all costs and the traditions in the Windsor house must be absolutely respected. There is one custom in particular that will leave you speechless: it concerns lunch on December 25th.

What Queen Elizabeth does to her guests before and after Christmas dinner: a bizarre but essential custom (Getty Images)

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That day is celebrated in the royal country residence of Sandringham and the sovereign likes to supervise the preparations and have everything under control, from the menu to the decorations to the gifts.

Last year, due to restrictions due to the Covid, Elizabeth II had to be content with seeing her grandchildren unwrapping gifts on video call, but in general this moment is one of her favorites. He also chooses gifts for his staff, all without spared any expense: for example, a year ago he spent about 35 thousand euros for more than 600 gifts!

As for the lunch itself, there is one thing she usually does before and after and it’s about her guests. You would never guess what it is!

Queen Elizabeth, it happens during Christmas lunch: the bizarre custom that she does not give up

On the dishes, it is difficult for there to be great variations from year to year: turkey caviar, foie gras and the inevitable desserts prepared by the chef Darren McGrady.

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Before sitting down at the table and after having finished eating, the members of the Royal Family must however respect a very specific tradition: the royal expert Ingrid Seward talks about it. Arrived at the residence, they must weigh themselves on an ancient scale and repeat the operation at the end of lunch.

It is a habit that dates back to the early twentieth century, at the time of the reign of Edward VII, and indicates that the guests enjoyed the food offered. Between courses, guests can get up to take a walk and thus promote digestion.

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Queen Elizabeth Christmas lunch
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A very special tradition, which perhaps to many will be quite strange. But the Royals always know how to impress!