What you did not expect: Gerard Piqué’s ex-girlfriend gives Shakira advice to overcome the breakup

The footballer’s ex-girlfriend Gerard Piqué, nuria tomashas ruled on the controversial break between the player and the singer Shakira. In a recent interview in Madrid, Tomás was asked about her opinion on the matter and she made her position clear by wishing them both the best.

Piqué’s ex-partner speaks for the first time about the hyperventilated breakup with Shakira

The media separation between Gerard Piqué and Shakira has been on everyone’s lips in recent months. Since their breakup was announced, numerous show business personalities have weighed in on the subject. The last to do so was Nuria Tomás, the player’s ex-girlfriend.

During an event in Madrid to present the new collection of his company EGGSOEGGSO, Tomás was questioned by a medium about the separation of Piqué and Shakira. Regarding this, the Catalan actress expressed: “I don’t want to pronounce myself. I don’t know, I don’t think because I haven’t started to investigate. They have his story. I wish him and everyone the best.”

Nuria Tomás PHOTO: Instagram @nuria_tomas

Núria Tomás, Gerard Piqué’s ex, and the way to overcome the breakup

Nuria Tomás had a relationship with the Barcelona player for a year and a half before he met Shakira during the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. The Catalan businesswoman has turned the page after that media romance and the wound is closed, which is why she assures that “I wish him and everyone the best.”

During the presentation of his new clothing collection, Tomás was asked if he had listened to Shakira’s latest songs, in which he addresses Piqué and his new partner, Clara Chía. Despite having listened to them, she preferred not to refer to the lyrics full of darts that she was Shakira’s partner for twelve years.

“I guess they’ll have their history and know what they’re doing”said Thomas. Regarding the behavior of the singer in the middle of the separation, the businesswoman expressed: “When there are feelings involved, each one takes it in their own way. I’m nobody to give an opinion, I don’t dare, I don’t know Shakira, I haven’t had the opportunity to ask her.”

“I can’t tell you anything but women have to help each other and be one”he added.