What’s the weather like, ‘artificial’ Fiorello greets Mollica from Fazio: “So ok for Rai”

The showman presents his virtual replica to greet his journalist friend

Fiorello created by artificial intelligence emigrates from Rai to Nove for a few seconds to greet Vincenzo Mollica, historic Rai journalist, guest of Fabio Fazio on Che tempo che fa. Mollica, who recounts his 40-year career for state TV between interviews with Roberto Benigni and anecdotes about Federico Fellini, receives a message from the showman. Or rather, from the clone of him made with AI.

“Good evening Fabio Fazio, good evening public of Nove. Good evening Vincenzo Mollica”, begins Fiorello, framed in front of a RAI union statement. “Whoever speaks to you is authorized by the editorial board, because – as you know – we at Rai cannot go to Nove, especially on programs hosted by Fabio Fazio. But we found a trick: to be able to communicate with you we created a Fiorello with artificial intelligence that protects us from possible legal action.”

Here, the ‘real’ Fiorello ‘freezes’ and leaves the floor to the artificial clone. “Hello, friends of the Nine. I know, I seem real but I’m not. I’m the Fiorello created with artificial intelligence, I’m the intelligent Fiorello”, says Fiorello bis with a fixed and expressionless gaze towards the camera. “Vincenzo, Fiorello loves you. Vincenzo, Fiorello loves you. Vincenzo, Fiorello loves you very much. I remember that day when you also made a puppet for Fiorello at Viva Raplay”, he adds before showing his affection for Mollica in all the languages ​​of the world. “Fazio left RAI”, the artificial Fiorello bids farewell. The comment belongs to the ‘real’ showman: “Incredible, I’ve been on the Nine for 30 seconds and I’ve already received a bank transfer. You are very strong! Vincenzo, I love you”.