WhatsApp, between unique avatar and group chat: the news on the next update

A new experimental version of WhatsApp that introduces the unique avatar and allows you to mute group chats in the Beta version. This is the one of which the sector site Wabetainfo has outlined the contours in recent days, revealing the probable news coming in the coming months related to the famous instant messaging app.

The unique avatar in sight of the metaverse

On the subject, among other things, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the Meta group that controls Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, had already expressed himself. In particular, in fact, the idea of ​​the social network giant is precisely to unify the experience of using all applications with a view to launching the metaverse. And, to achieve this goal, Meta considers the use of a unique avatar for all platforms an important step. As Wabetainfo pointed out, “thanks to avatars, you can customize your identity by setting a digital expression in the dedicated WhatsApp menu”. In fact, the experts reported again, “with the update to the beta version for Android number, some lucky beta testers are finally able to create an avatar”. The app, after creating the avatar, then automatically generates a pack of stickers to use as a sticker with friends and family. Furthermore, continues Wabetainfo, it is possible to choose an avatar to use as a profile photo. How? Within the WhatsApp settings menu, the “avatar” item will appear, indicating the possibility linked to the personalization service.

Group chats

Not only the avatar issue among the future news. According to industry experts, the automatic deactivation of the largest group chats will be made possible, which produce many notifications for users. As it emerged in version for Android, in fact, the application, without the need for direct user intervention, automatically silences groups with a high number of participants, while still allowing notifications to be restored when you decide to receive them. on your smartphone. Just in June WhatsApp had widened the limit of groups up to 512 participants, then shortly after bringing it to 1024, although only in test mode and only for some users.