Whatsapp, deleted messages can be recovered within 5 seconds. How does it work

Who has never deleted a message on WhatsApp by mistake and not be able to do anything to fix it? With the new feature, just released by the popular messaging app Meta, users will have a bonus of 5 seconds within which it will be possible to go back and cancel the operation. A simple but valuable solution that has already been released – even if for the moment only in group chats – and that will be available to everyone with one of the next app updates.

You have five seconds to reconsider

theWhen sending a message in a group chat you have two options: “delete for me” and “delete for everyone”. By clicking on the first item, the message will be deleted from the user’s conversation but will remain available to others; with the second option the string will be completely deleted from the chat. With the new “cancel” option you will have 5 seconds to reconsider, simply by clicking on the “cancel” button that appears next to the button to confirm the cancellation.

The only option for groups

For the moment, the function can only be activated if the user has decided to “delete for me” the string and does not appear if the option chosen is “delete for everyone”. It is not clear, at least at the moment, whether the option will also be extended to single conversations as well as group ones.