When and where the China Suárez special for Qatar 2022 opens

The China Suarez She is living an intense romance with the singer Rusherking and the messages from both of them on their social networks demonstrate it. They do not miss an opportunity to show that they are in love and that they managed to consolidate their relationship in a harmonious way. Both live their love intensely.

the ex of Benjamin Vicuna She received various criticisms after Wandagate, in which she was involved in an affair with Wanda Nara’s ex-husband. However, the actress stood up to all the speculation and negative comments she received and she continued her professional work as an actress and also launched herself as a singer.

On the 17th, China Suárez in the Qatar special on Star+. Source: Instagram @starplusla

From the Instagram account of the Star + platform, it was announced that the program on Qatar will be broadcast on November 17 with the China Suarez as the protagonist of the production. The announcement made by the company together with a photo album of the actress says: “In 3 days, Eugenia ‘La China’ Suárez is going to show us what Qatar is like from a unique perspective. #LaChinaEnQatar, premiere November 17, only on #StarPlusLA.

Days ago, the ex of vicuna He shared with his more than 6 million followers on Instagram photos of his walks through the city where in a few weeks the soccer world cup will be held. Vicuña’s ex surprised with the outfits she chose to walk with the film crew. In one of the published photos of her, she had a veil on, which she must have used to enter the temple.

China Suarez in Qatar. Source: Instagram @starplusla

2022 was a great period for the former de Benjamin Vicuna, especially in the workplace. She not only launched herself as a singer again with two new songs-“What they say about me” and “El juego del amor”-, but she also gave the present at Fashion Week in New York. She also premiered the Spanish film Objects in which she shared the screen with the renowned Álvaro Monte and even settled in Uruguay for a while to record a film for the streaming platform Star + together with Joaquín Furriel