When beauty is a family gift: have you seen Anna Tatangelo’s brother? What does it do

Have you ever seen Anna Tatangelo’s brother? When beauty is really a family gift: let’s find out together the name and what it does.

It is, without a doubt, Anna Tatangelo the revelation face of this latest television season. Established successful singer, the very young voice of Sora has also ventured to conducting Scenes from a wedding. And, right from the start, she proved to be her trump card.

Who is Anna Tatangelo’s brother? Credits: Instagram

On the music scene, Anna Tatangelo made her debut when she was just a little girl. She was just 15 when she got noticed with the song “Doubly fragile” and when she started riding the crest of the wave. She, as told in our very recent article, has not changed at all, but her life has. Today she, in addition to being a beloved singer, she is also a very popular presenter. In short, what does she want most from her life? Waiting for today’s episode, however, let’s find out something more about her. And, above all, about her family of origin. We recently told you about her dad and her mom, but have you ever seen hers brother? What is his name and what does he do in life.

Who is Anna Tatangelo’s brother and what does he do?

Maybe not everyone knows, but Anna Tatangelo he comes from a rather large family. Born of Palmira and Dante Tatangelo, Sora’s splendid singer can always count on the affection of her three brothers. We are talking about Maurizio, Silvia and Giuseppe. Speaking of the latter, have you ever seen it? Sifting through her Instagram channel, we were able to track down some shots together. We assure you: they are really beautiful! Before showing it to you, however, let’s find out together what it deals with in life.

According to what we learn from the web, it would seem that Giuseppe Tatangelo has chosen a professional path completely opposite to that of his sister. And to follow in the footsteps of father Dante. On Donna Glamor, in fact, we read that Giuseppe is a pastry shop and that he has set up his own business. Here they are:

brother tatangelo
Credits: Instagram

In short, it is appropriate to say: beauty is really a gift of the Tatangelo family. Don’t you think?