“When I was in the orphanage …”: sad story of the character of channel 5

When I was in the orphanage ”, the character we are seeing on channel 5 let himself go and told about his past.

Since September began, all the broadcasts that usually air throughout the year have begun. There are still some programs that will soon make their debut. With the start of formats and reality shows, with new interviews and new paths, we have the opportunity to discover unpublished facts of the protagonists.

“I was in an orphanage” (credits: mediaset infinity)

Recently a character we are now seeing on channel 5 confided in his companions, telling of his childhood. He opened the speech by talking about when he was in the orphanage, before being adopted. You started by talking about an episode that happened then. He was in this facility and was with his companions in Ukraine. Each time he hid from the teachers and started humming: “For their fees, even singing was bad. They knew that I still kept running away and singing “.

She explains that the teachers together with the music director began to look for music and singing competitions. As she confided, she explained that she considered herself a very lucky person. Not only on a musical level but also as regards adoption, because at 10 it is difficult to be adopted and instead it happened to him.

“When I was in the orphanage”: the story of the channel 5 character

A character that we are following on channel 5 these days has confided in others, returning with his mind to the past. He went back to wandering in his childhood when he lived in an orphanage in Ukraine. He was adopted by an Italian family who went to where he was then and brought him here to raise him and welcome him with love.

To Amici, Andre, a pupil chosen by Arisa, he opened up to his companions, while he was in the house, outside, in the garden. He said that as a child he lived in an orphanage and he used to run away and hide, and in the meantime he hummed: “Every two by three I hid from the teachers and always started humming in a corner. For their canons, singing was bad “, has explained. She revealed that at some point, as he continued to do so, the teachers together with the director decided to look for music competitions.

orphanage character
Character’s story (credits: instagram)

The student told of feeling lucky, not only in music but in life in general. At 10 he was adopted and usually at that age it doesn’t happen because you are already grown up: “These two unknown people have arrived who are now called mom and dad and they tell me ‘we want to take you away, we are your mom and your dad”he says, explaining that he didn’t know what it meant. She also pointed out that her parents took 5 years to adopt him. Now Andre is in Amici’s school, ready to introduce his music to the public.