Where are we going to stop? Daniela Aránguiz shows a bruise after a fight with Mago Valdivia and the networks react

during the last days Daniela Aranguiz He has been in the eye of the hurricane after he was encouraged to bring to light the alleged love relationship between his ex-partner, the ex-soccer player Jorge “Mago” Valdiviaand the deputy of district 9 Maite Orsini.

But what made both the Magician, as well as her and Orsini end up on everyone’s lips is the mess that arose when a fight came to light that he would have had in the middle of the street with the former soccer player.

The dancer and panelist for Zona de Estrellas recently posted a video on her Instagram account in which she shows a bruise on her left arm and has received mixed reactions on social networks.

Daniela Aránguiz shows a bruise after a fight with Mago Valdivia and receives support on social networks

If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that the controversy surrounding Daniela Aránguiz does not stop and will last a while. The ex-girl Mekano has lived fierce days after the revelation of the alleged love affair between her ex-partner, Jorge Valdivia, and the deputy Maite Orsini. To this is added a recent fight that she would have had with the former soccer player in the commune of Lo Barnechea.

In the midst of all this, Daniela has shared a video on her Instagram account in which she is seen entering her house to the rhythm of the song “Mientras me curo del cora” by singer Karol G. But beyond the dispute What has caught the attention and caused concern on the part of his followers is the bruise that can be seen on his left arm.

As expected, the video has generated multiple reactions on social networks, where the followers of the television host have expressed their support and concern.

One of the first to comment was Luis Mateucci, who had already expressed his support in a previous post. “What is beautiful about you is brave. Everything will pass and that little face will smile again as you deserve it”wrote the Argentine model.

Obviously the messages and comments focused on the possibility that he had received blows, “it’s full of bruises” said a netizen.

Other people have shown their solidarity with Daniela and have expressed their rejection of gender violence. “I hope no woman has to live in a toxic relationship, I hope that no woman is told all those bad things that they say to her, even yourselves,” commented a follower of the driver. while another said “You have bruises on your arms, just be strong, I’m with you.”

Without giving explanations, he deleted the post.

After the video received many comments, Daniela decided to delete the post.