Where does Queen Elizabeth buy Christmas gifts? You would never imagine how her shopping is organized

For the Royal Family, Christmas is a very heartfelt holiday and every year Queen Elizabeth buys over 600 gifts: do you know where?

At Christmas, you know, the gifts can not be missing and the Queen Elizabeth she is very careful to respect this tradition: in her case, however, it is necessary to start a long time before, since among family members, friends, staff and dignitaries of the court there are more than 600 gifts.

Do you know where Queen Elizabeth buys Christmas gifts? You would never imagine how her shopping is organized (Getty Images)

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The list of those who will receive a present from the sovereign is really long: it is prepared by her secretary, Sir Edward Young, already starting from the summer and carefully examined by Elizabeth. It comes natural to wonder how her shopping goes since it is impossible to imagine her walking around shopping centers. Will he buy the gifts online? Not at all, it’s the shops that go to her!

How does buying gifts for Queen Elizabeth work?

That’s right: he explained it Paul Burrell, the former butler of the Queen and Lady Diana, one of the leading experts of the British Royal Family. Interviewed by the magazine Closer, Burrell said i stores stocked with Royal Warranty (the royal seal of approval) they send you the catalogs and in an area of ​​Windsor Castle a temporary shop is set up with products that may interest you. It is a branch of the John Lewis department store on Oxford Street.

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The area of ​​the royal residence intended to host the pop-up shop it is the drawing room of the castle, a little frequented living room. Usually, Elizabeth II prefers to visit the shop around 10 pm, after having finished dinner.

What does the Queen prefer to give? Very useful things apparently: “Some picnic plates, for example, a table cloth. Or a couple of tea towels, ”says the royal expert.

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where Queen Elizabeth buys gifts
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No frills then, not even at Christmas!