Where Flora Canto and Enrico Brignano got married: fairytale location

Where Flora Canto and Enrico Brignano got married: fairytale location for the couple, who got married on Saturday 30 July 2022.

Together they form one of the most solid couples in the world of entertainment and for a few days they have been officially husband and wife. Enrico Brignano and Flora Canto are married Saturday 30 July 2022.

Brignano and Flora (Instagram Credits)

An immense joy for the couple, born in 2014: from their love were born Martina, in 2017, and Niccolò, in 2021. Enrico and Flora got married in a dream location with a sea view. There they also celebrated, in the company of friends and relatives: there was no shortage of well-known faces from the world of entertainment. Let’s find out more about the beautiful place that framed this magical day for Enrico and Flora.

Flora Canto and Enrico Brignano got married: the wedding location is enchanting

Flora Canto and Enrico Brignano are husband and wife: the two have said yes forever. There marriage proposal it had arrived last September, in the most romantic of ways. The actor, in the middle of a show at the Verona Arena, got off the stage and reached half of him, sitting in the front row. “Flora Canto will you marry me?” He asked on his knees, putting the ring on his future bride’s finger. And the wedding was also romantic, celebrated in a dream location. Where is she?

This is de La Posta Vecchia Hotel, a wonderful location overlooking the sea a Palo Laziale, in the municipality of Ladispoli. To celebrate the wedding was the mayor Alessandro Grando, who defined the ceremony as exciting and evocative. He is as suggestive as the atmosphere created in this wonderful location: as Fanpage.it reports, it is about a Renaissance palace, full of works of art. In the basement, there is even a museum, where you can admire sculptures, mosaics, marbles and other treasures. How much does it cost to sleep in the hotel where Flora and Enrico got married?

As reported by Fanpage.it, the structure offers different rooms and suites, each characterized by different services. At the moment, the value of one night in the Junior Suite is 1265 euros for two people, while the Senior Suite costs 1490 euros per night. 1870 euros for two for the master Suite, which overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea.

flora canto enrico brignano
Enrico Brignano and Flora Canto (Credits Instagram)

And for the day of the yes to her Enrico, Flora chose to wear two dresses. The first, for the ceremony, is the Pronovias Geiranger dress: strapless, with a sweetheart neckline and a wide skirt. Super romantic and elegant! In the second part of the party, Canto opted for the Epico dress, also by Pronovias: a mermaid dress, in lace, with floral decorations. Both wonderful, like her! We can only send our best wishes to this wonderful couple.