Where is Melanie? Trump thanks the family and does not name them

The absence of his wife in the difficult moment is bound to raise rumors about a possible breakup, even a divorce

“I have a great family who are doing a fantastic job, and we thank them so much, they are going through so much.” Thus Donald Trump, in his speech last night in the Mar-a-Lago salon immediately after his return from a very difficult day in New York, thanked all his family members one by one with the exception of his wife Melania, who practically disappeared from the scene of the political-judicial show of the first arrest of a former American president.

The former first lady was not present in the Mar-a-Lago salon, just as she had not appeared at her husband’s side upon his arrival in New York on Monday evening or as he left Trump Tower yesterday to go to the Manhattan courthouse where the ex-president has surrendered to the authorities. But some media reported that she would arrive at Trump Tower only after her husband left her, thus relaunching the rumors of a marital crisis that had begun to circulate since the Stormy Daniels affair returned to the fore again.

A story that makes the former first lady particularly angry, People wrote in recent days, since, according to what the woman revealed, Trump would have had his relationship with the porn star in 2006, a few months after the birth of Barron, her son had by his third wife Melania.

Speaking to the hundreds of supporters gathered at Mar-a-Lago, Trump spoke of his son “Don jr who is doing a great job, another son, Eric, who is also doing an amazing job, and then Ivanka”. And then he turned to the younger, Melania’s son: “Barron will be great one day, he’s tall and intelligent,” he said, without ever mentioning his mother.

No mention, as reported, also to the daughter Tiffany, had in his brief second marriage to Marla Maples, who was in the room together with Don jr and Eric. Absent, but justified, Ivanka and Jared Kushner who were in Wyoming yesterday to celebrate Passover. Sources close to the family explain that Ivanka, who has long signaled that she no longer wants to engage politically alongside her father, met with Trump on Sunday to reiterate that she and her husband “support him as family members in private”.

No justification for Melania’s absence, Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller did not answer a question from the New York Post about where the former first lady was. While Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and a great ally of the tycoon who was among his supporters last night, said he “didn’t know” where Melania was.

The absence of his wife at Trump’s side in the difficult moment is bound to cause discussion and relaunch of rumors about a possible breakup, even a divorce. In his People article, citing informed sources, he said that the two lead “separate lives” in Mar-a-Lago, with Melania “happy to be with the people who love her”, her son and parents who also live in the resort, avoiding to talk about “the reality or the negative things about the husband”.

The sources quoted by The Mirror are even more explicit: “The two barely meet, Melania is like any other woman: seeing her husband accused of cheating on her not once but twice disturbs her enormously. It is not strange to think that after the criminal trial for Trump, a divorce process could soon begin,” the sources conclude.

However, this reconstruction is contested by sources cited by another tabloid, the Daily Mail, which describes a Mrs. Trump as “strong, focused on her family and standing by her husband’s side, as she always has”. Except then deserting, both in New York and then in Mar-a-Lago, the two main opportunities to do so.