Where Laura Pausini lives: her home has a predominant color and crazy details

Laura Pausini’s house has a predominant color and crazy details: where the singer lives, her home is a fairy tale.

Laura Pausini is one of the most loved Italian singers ever. Her success has enveloped her in Italy, but not only, because she is famous and loved even outside the Italian borders. The Sanremo Festival will start on February 1st and as announced by Amadeus, host of the event, the artist will be the guest of an evening.

How is Laura Pausini’s house: have you ever seen it? The details are all crazy and there is a predominant color (source instagram)

Waiting to see her at the Festival, let’s now pay attention to her home. By chance, do you know where Pausini lives? And above all, have you ever seen his house?

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Laura Pausini, her home is a dream: where the singer lives and all the details

This year, at the seventy-second edition of the Sanremo Festivalwe will have the honor of seeing Laura Pausini on the Ariston stage too. The singer, as announced by Amadeus, will be the host of the Kermesse.

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She became famous in Sanremo, in 1993, when she brought the song Loneliness. Even today, after more than 20 years, this single is very much listened to. Although she is very attached to her homeland, Laura lives in Miami with her partner Paolo Carta and their beautiful daughter, Paola. But what is the artist’s house like? Have you ever seen it? From some photos published on his instagram profile, it is possible to see some spaces and some details.

Laura Pausini home
instagram source

It would seem that Laura Pausini’s house is developed on several levels, with columns decorating the rooms and very tall lamps. But as we have anticipated, it has a predominant color, and it is white.

Laura Pausini home
instagram source

There are numerous rooms and in one there is also a piano, always white in color and which makes the atmosphere even more harmonious. If you look closely behind, where the piano is, there is also a painting and you understand that the size is very large.

Laura pausini
instagram source

We must say that Laura Pausini’s house is very beautiful and bright, white stands out in all the rooms we see in the shots and even the furniture, has the same color, apart from some details. What can I say, her home is very beautiful and spacious, isn’t it?