Where Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi live: a truly wonderful house

They were and still are great protagonists in the history of Italian TV: let’s find out where Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi live!

Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo they are familiar faces for the public and everyone knows that their couple is one of the most united and long-lived in the world of entertainment. Always very reserved, it is not easy to know details of their private life, such as the details of the house in which they live.

Where Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi live: a truly fabulous house (Credits: Youtube)

However, thanks to some interviews it is possible to notice some glimpses of their fabulous home. Let’s start by saying that husband and wife live in Rome, in the Parioli district. Interviewed just a few days ago by Fabio Fazio a What’s the weather like the two were connected by the wonderful living room.

Just like it study by Maurizio, this room of the house is also very elegant, with solid wood furniture, plants, books, white sofa, silverware, Persian rugs, cushions.

In short, the ‘kingdom’ of the Costanzo-De Filippi couple is certainly a fantastic home worth exploring!

where Costanzo and De Filippi live
Credits: Youtube

Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo: where the two most famous faces on TV live

In another interview with What’s the weather like dating back to 2018, it was Maria who showed the public some corner of the house. Accompanied by the cameras along the corridor, we see that the predominant color is the Whitewe can admire paintings hanging on the walls and here too a Persian carpet.

Also on that occasion, we were able to see the bright modern style kitchen: in the fridge, several boxes of ice cream of which Maurizio is greedy.

It was not possible to take a look at the bedroom even though, as everyone knows, Maurizio and Maria they have been sleeping separately for years. The reason is much simpler than one might think: the famous journalist loves to stay late in the living room watching TV.

where Costanzo and De Filippi live
Credits: Youtube

A certainly refined house, which fully expresses all the good taste and class of the hostess. By the way, what effect does it have on you to see Maria relaxing for once in the four walls of the house and not in a television studio?