Where was Doc filmed – Into your hands 2: there is a detail that you may not know

Another episode of Doc – In your hands 2 awaits us tonight on Rai 1: let’s find out where this exciting medical drama was filmed.

The second season of one of the most popular fictions of recent years also continues with enormous success: Doc – In your hands 2 confirms itself as a true cult and its cast continues not to disappoint expectations.

Do you know where Doc – Into Your Hands 2 was filmed? There is a detail that you may not know (Instagram)

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At the center of the story, always the character of Andrea Fanti, a doctor who has lost the memory of the previous 12 years of his life. Inspired by what really happened to the doctor Pierdante Piccioni, the role is masterfully played by Luca Argentero, one of the most talented actors on the Italian art scene.

In these first episodes of the second part of the series we have seen the evolution of the characters of the cast, the entry of new actors with new stories and also the farewell of Gianmarco Saurino, the face of the doctor Luca Lazzarini who in fiction dies for Covid.

Attention is also drawn to the chosen music and the places that form the backdrop to the scenes: let’s find out!

Locations and other details on the filming of Doc – In Your Hands 2: this is where it was filmed

As you have surely noticed, many scenes are set in Milan: on various occasions we can see the Porta Nuova skyscrapers of the Lombard capital and other very representative areas of the city such as CityLife, where the protagonist’s bachelor home is located. In this area there is also the house of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez in reality.

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Other areas are the Navigli and Porta Garibaldi; almost certainly the house where Dr. Fanti lived with his wife and children is conceived in Porta Nuova. In addition to Milan, other locations in the series are Rome and the surrounding areas. In Formello, for example, a small village in the province of the capital, home to the Lux Vide studios which, together with Rai Fiction, created the series.

It was in Formello that the interiors of the Ambrosiano Hospital were reconstructed, which is the background to the story, contrary to what one might think. Finally, some scenes were shot in real departments which, however, are not located in Milan, but at the Bio Campus in Rome, in via Alvaro del Portillo in the XI Municipio.

where Doc 2 was filmed
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All that remains is to wait for tonight to enjoy the wonders of Doc 2!