Which car does Lucifer drive? If everyone asks, let’s be clear

Which car does Lucifer drive? Everyone is wondering, the curiosity about the beloved TV series starring Tom Ellis.

It was one of the most popular TV series of recent years. It has just ended with the highly anticipated sixth season, with a bittersweet ending full of twists. Let’s talk about Lucifer, the series that made the lord of the Underworld human, sensitive and super ironic. The love story with the detective Chloe Decker is at the center of the plot of all seasons, but there are many curiosities that revolve around the beloved protagonist. For example, you know what car does Lucifer drive?

Which car does Lucifer drive? Everyone is wondering, the curiosity about the beloved TV series starring Tom Ellis. (Source Instagram)

The ironic devil is played by the charming Tom Ellis, who often shows himself driving cars that do not go unnoticed on the way down. One in particular… Let’s find out the details!

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Which car does Lucifer Morningstar drive in the beloved TV series

All crazy about Lucifer Morningstar. The protagonist of the TV series, played by Tom Ellis, is one of the most appreciated characters by the public, enchanted by the personality of the irreverent Lord of the Underworld. Who loves to whiz through the streets of Los Angeles on his own black car.. what car is it?

Well, since the very first episode of the series, Lucifer has been aboard a C1962 hevrolet Corvette black, with personalized license plate (FALL1N1), convertible. A car that becomes a trusted companion for Lucifer and that appears in many cult scenes of the series, but it is not the only vehicle that the protagonist will drive! Over the course of several seasons, Lucifer drove several cars, including one Aston Martin DB4 red cabriolet, one Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu of the 70s and one Shelby Mustang GT500 from 1967. In short, compared to other characters in the series who drive modern cars, Lucifer is passionate about vintage models.

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And you, have you ever followed the adventures of the cutest devil that exists? You still have time, all seasons of the series are available on Netflix. Good vision!