White House, Joe Biden’s dog bit an agent (again).

The Commander German Shepherd suffered 11 bites in 2 years

President Joe Biden’s dog bit a Secret Service agent. Another time. Commander, a 2-year-old German shepherd, has 11 bites in the White House and surrounding areas, according to CNN. The latest episode occurred on the evening of Monday 25 September, around 8pm. An officer “came into contact with an animal from the First Family and was bitten”, said Anthony Guglielmi, head of communications for the services, in a statement to CNN. The officer received the necessary treatment and is doing well. Commander adds another special mention for episodes that occurred between the White House and Delaware, where the Biden family spends periods away from Washington.


Another presidential German shepherd, Major, was also involved in similar events in the past. Major left the White House where Commander arrived in 2021, with evidently similar results. In October last year, in particular, the dog escaped the control of First Lady Jill Biden and ‘charged’ a member of the Secret Service staff. The secret services are not formally responsible for the management of dogs and pets with which, however, they inevitably come into contact.