Who are Gigi Proietti’s daughters and what they do in life: we have already seen one

Who are Gigi Proietti’s daughters and what they do in life: we have already seen one.

On November 2, 2020 Gigi Proietti passed away after living an immense life. He disappeared on his eightieth birthday. It was his family who made the announcement. Shortly before his death, the actor was hospitalized in very serious condition due to heart problems.

Daughters of Gigi Proietti (credits: youtube)

His death stunned everyone. Loved and appreciated by the public, he had made himself known as a voice actor, actor, comedian, singer, director, conductor. He trained in the theater where he began to be successful in the sixties, so much so that he was considered one of the greatest exponents of Italian theater. Later, he also made his debut on television and in a short time he became one of the leading characters on the small screen.

When he died, the news was given by his family, by his wife Sagitta Alter and two daughters, Susanna and Carlotta. Despite being a prominent figure in show business, his private life hasn’t always been in the spotlight. But do you know who the two daughters of the actor are and what they do in life? Both are well known.

Gigi Proietti, who are the daughters and what they do in life: both are very famous

Gigi Proietti died two years ago, in November 2020. The news shocked the audience. You have had a prominent role on the theater scene, on the small screen and in the cinema. If everything is known about his career, her private life has always been set aside, so that she remains confidential even if the important details are known. The actor in 1962 met Sagitta Alter, a former tour guide. The meeting took place during his youth when he performed in clubs in Rome.

He spent the rest of his life with her. They have not married but have always been together. They became parents of two daughters, Susanna and Carlotta. But who are they and what do they do in life? Both are well known. Carlotta is 37 years old, she studied at the DMAS and later attended her father’s academy, becoming a very good actress. Many of her will remember her in a famous film. In fact, she starred together with Proietti in the film A bullet on the heart 2. she In addition she is a singer and songwriter. Gigi’s daughter recalled her father a year ago in an interview with Repubblica calling him a humble, simple and complex person.

daughters gigi proietti
Gigi Proietti, daughters (credits: youtube)

Susanna is the eldest daughter, she is 42 years old and she also works in the entertainment world, but behind the scenes, playing the role of costume designer and set designer. When Gigi Proietti died, they remembered him by telling how he was, a shy person who showed little affection through explicit manifestations but sought the attention of his family and in particular from his daughters: “He was looking for our attention, he wanted him to say ‘I love you’, but he didn’t let himself go to big words”they revealed.