Who is Adriana, the Venezuelan tiktoker ‘known’ as ‘Karol G’s double’

Colombian singer Carol G The 31-year-old has just completed his successful international tour called ‘Strip Love Tour’ and says goodbye to the stage until next year. This 2022 was more than successful for Bichota who achieved several ‘sold out’ and fulfilled the dream of more than one fan.

Carol G She is one of the most loved and followed artists in the world and for this reason more than one wants to imitate her look and her way of singing and dancing. Social networks are the ideal place for Internet users to let their imagination run wild and this week a clip went viral in which a Venezuelan influencer presumes her resemblance to Bichota.

The woman in question is called Adriana, and both on Twitter and Tik Tok she shares videos for the public in which she looks just like Carol G. The influencer is inspired by Bichota’s feed and carefully observes her outfits and then replicates it.

One of the latest posts from Adriana, the Venezuelan fan of Carol Gshows her with light blue hair, a look that Bichota had until recently, and a black top with white arabesques that is the same with which the singer posed a few months ago on the little camera’s social network.

“It finally happened: I dressed up as Carol G“Wrote this fanatic who also has features very similar to those of the Colombian, who helps with a detailed make-up work. In her Tik Tok account she also showed how she performs the transformation process to look like Bichota. It remains to meet her personally!