Who is Arianna Rapaccioni, wife of Sinisa Mihajlovic: a career interrupted for love of the family

Who is Arianna Rapaccioni, wife of Sinisa Mihajlovic: a career in television interrupted for love of the family.

“When you are no longer part of me, I will cut out many small stars from your memory, then the sky will be so beautiful that the whole world will fall in love with the night”. This is the touching message that Ariadne Rapaccioni he attached to the last shot shared on his Instagram channel. A shot that, like so many present on her social networks, portrays her happy and smiling, alongside her great love Sinisa Mihajlovic.

Arianna and Sinisa Mihajlovic (Credits Instagram) – Sologossip

The former footballer and coach passed away yesterday, December 16, 2022, after a three-year battle against leukemia. A battle that Sinisa faced as a true warrior, as he was used to doing even in the field. An immense pain for all those who loved him, starting with his family, made up of wife Arianna and their five children Victoria, Virginia, Miroslav, Dusan and Nikolas. Arianna who, from the first meeting with the then footballer, had no doubts: after a year the couple got married, giving life to a wonderful family, which Rapaccioni put before anything else.

Arianna Rapaccioni, the wife of Sinisa Mihajlovic: 27 years of deep love

In joy and in pain, in health and in sickness. Sinisa Mihajlovic has always been able to count on her, Arianna Rapaccioni, at his side for 27 years. It was 1995 when the showgirl met Sinisa for the first time, 26 years old at the time, a Sampdoria footballer, in a restaurant in Rome. And, in that same year, Arianna left the program she was working on: “Sinisa has arrived and it cut short my career, I left Luna Park: I met him in ’95 and in ’96 we got married. I wanted family. We fell in love right away, we looked at each other and we never separated,” he said some time ago on Domenica In.

Born in Rome, Arianna entered the world of TV at a very young age, becoming a beloved character in the 90s and participating in various broadcasts including Luna Park, hosted by Fabrizio Frizzi, and Nelle che il calcio. A career that, however, Rapaccioni did not hesitate to put aside for the love of Sinisa and, subsequently, of the splendid family they built. A family that has always been close to the Serbian champion, in all his challenges, especially the most painful one, which began suddenly in July 2019.

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Arianna Rapaccioni and Sinisa Mihajlovic (Credits Instagram) – Sologossip

In October 2021, the family had expanded with the arrival of little Violante, the daughter of the eldest daughter of the Virginia copy and her partner Alessandro Vogliacco. “You are a precious gift and our greatest joy”, the new grandparents wrote at the time, delighted by the arrival of the little one.