Who is Bastián, the singer who conquered the heart of Trini Neira

The eldest daughter of Pamela Diaz, Trini Neira 20 years old, he bet on love again after his breakup with the singer Andoni with whom he appeared for a large part of 2022. Now the young man who conquered his heart also belongs to the world of music but his name is Bastian “Bimza” Munoz.

Trini Neira She is very active on the camera’s social network where she accumulates almost 500,000 followers from all latitudes who are aware of her movements and publications. For them, the daughter of Pamela Díaz shares the best poses and looks of her since she owns a worked silhouette and always sets trends.

Now Trini Neira surprised her virtual fandom by posting a romantic photo in which she is hugged with Bastian “Bimza” Muñoz and next to it he placed an emoji with a white heart. This postcard had been published by the artist who wrote: “For many more moments with you.”

Trini Neira and her new love. Source: instagram @trini.neira

Bastian Munoz He is known in the artistic field because he is a composer, but he is also the son of Héctor “Kanela” Muñoz, vocalist of the tropical music band, “Noche de Brujas” and together they have participated in several concerts. The new boyfriend of Trini Neira He is very focused on professionalizing his career.

Bimza Muñoz. Source: instagram @bimza._

Thus, Bimza He studies abroad and it was his father who told him a few months ago: “He went to study in the United States, because he likes hip hop a lot and now the urban scene is hitting hard.” This is quite a challenge to have a long-distance relationship with Trini Neira. We’ll see how this romance continues!