Who is Belén Martinic, the alleged new romance of Dr. Cristián Arriagada, widower of Javiera Suárez, who is 19 years younger

Cristián Arriagada is a renowned Plastic Surgeon from our country who was trained at the University of Chile and is currently the Service Chief of the Burn Unit of the Posta Central. But, he became known for having been the husband of the remembered actress and host, Javiera Suárez, who died in 2019 due to skin cancer. Apparently, the driver’s widower would have found love in a young woman 19 years younger than him. This is Belén Martinic who is a model and has lived in various parts of the world.

According to the site of Clínicas Estéticas de Chile, the specialty of the doctor Cristian Arriagada They are surgeries, but among what stands out are breast augmentation, liposuction, liposculpture, rhinoplasty, buttock augmentation, breast reduction, facelift and also facial and body procedures, among others. The services provided by Javiera Suárez’s widower are provided in the town of Los Condes and for this reason he is one of the most respected and admired professionals by all. On his social media he shares some of his work.

Dr. Cristian Arriagada. Source Instagram @drcristianarriagada

product of the relationship between Javiera Suarez and Cristian Arriagada Pedro Milagros was born who is close to turning seven years old. After the driver’s death, the doctor respected the duel, but apparently he has been seen in recent months with a young woman who would be his supposed girlfriend. The name is Bethlehem Martinic who is 24 years old and much younger than the doctor.

Cristián Arriagada was the husband of Javiera Suárez. Source Instagram @javierasuarezoficial

The rumor of romance began when the young woman shared photos with Arriagada on her social networks when they were on vacation in Rio de Janeiro. After this, Bethlehem Martinic He had to put his Instagram in private mode and according to some information, the courtship would take four months. However, Javiera Suárez’s widower has been cautious and has not formalized their relationship so far.

Belén Martinic, the supposed girlfriend of Javiera Suárez’s widower. Source Instagram @belenmartinic

Bethlehem Martinic He is 24 years old and is 19 years younger than Arriagada. She is a model and has had the opportunity to live in various parts of the world, so she speaks not only Spanish but also English and Chinese. She has worked for important modeling agencies and apparently the courtship would have started with some mutual friends.