Who is Camilo Echeverry?

If you are a lover of pop music in Spanish, surely you have heard of Camilo Echeverry known to all simply as Camiloand you know their songs, however, if you got here it is because you wonder about the Colombian musician who is in charge of performing on the last night of the Viña del Mar Song Festival 2023.

And it is that Camilo Echeverry He is one of the most important artists in current Latin music. His musical versatility, his closeness to his audience and his positive message are some of the keys to his success. If you haven’t yet

At just 28 years old, this Colombian singer has become one of the new stars in the Latin American music industry.

Do you want to know more about his career and the secret behind his success? Keep reading!

Who is Camilo Echeverry?

Camilo’s beginnings in music: Camilo was born in Medellín, Colombia, in 1994. From a very young age, he showed his musical talent and began playing the guitar and composing his own songs. At the age of 14, he participated in the reality show “Factor Xs” in Colombia, where he came in third place. From there, he began to gain popularity in his country and to collaborate with other local artists.

The success with “Tutu”: Camilo’s great rise to fame came in 2019, with the release of his song “Tutu”, along with Pedro Capó. The song became an international hit and peaked at number one on various music charts in Latin America and Spain. In addition, it received several awards and nominations, including a Latin Grammy nomination for “Best Pop Song.”

Camilo’s musical versatility

One of the characteristics that make Camilo stand out as an artist is his musical versatility. Throughout his career, he has explored different genres such as pop, reggaeton, vallenato, and romantic ballads. In addition, he stands out for his ability as a composer, having written songs for other artists such as Sebastián Yatra, Juanes and Becky G.

The influence of his wife, Evaluna Montaner

Camilo is married to the also singer and actress Evaluna Montaner, daughter of the renowned singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner. The couple met while working together on the Nickelodeon series “Club 57,” and have collaborated on several songs ever since. According to Camilo, Evaluna has been a great influence on his career, both in her musical style and in her way of writing songs.

In addition, together they have a beautiful family and a relationship that is the delirium of their fans since they always see themselves together and supporting each other in their respective careers, as we could see when Camilo recently posted a video from the Quinta Vergara tunnel in which he you can see Evaluna kissing her husband’s gigantography.

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The secret behind Camilo’s success

Although Camilo has an undeniable musical talent, his success is also due in large part to his closeness to his audience and his presence on social networks.

Camilo is very active on Instagram and other platforms, where he shares his personal and professional life with his followers. In addition, he stands out for his positivity and his message of love and acceptance, which has generated a great connection with his audience.