Who is Davide Renne, the new creative director of Moschino

The one of Davide Renne to new creative director of Moschino was one of the most anticipated appointments of this season in the world of fashion that matters. The announcement arrived on Monday 16 October accompanied by posts spread on the brand’s highly followed social channels which contain the official statements of the president of Aeffe, the luxury group that purchased Moschino in 2021, and of the Tuscan designer who accepted the role with enthusiasm. This is where the creative who was entrusted with the divisions comes from woman, men and accessories of the fashion house founded by Franco Moschino forty years ago.

Davide Renne, the (important) past at Gucci

Fashion week began with congratulations coming from all over for Davide Renne, the new creative director of Moschino.
The designer, forty-six years old, Tuscanis still little known by the general public but it already exists highly esteemed from insiders, professionals and colleagues, many of whom, especially those who have already worked with him, are betting on a bright future for the Milanese fashion house.
Renne, whose name had already been circulating for some time among the possible successors of Jeremy Scott (who left Moschino seven months ago, putting an end to a ten-year collaboration), worked for three years together with Alessandro Dell’Acqua, the creative director of N°21, then moving to Gucci where he remained for twenty years becoming head of the women’s division. Fundamental, therefore, is the long time at Gucci which has been revolutionized for almost a decade since Alessandro Michele who collaborated very closely with Renne. The excellent references therefore contribute to raising expectations for the first collectionand the designer for Moschino who will show at February 2024 within the scope of Milan Fashion Week. The official assignment begins on November 1st, now it’s time for toasts and official declarations.

Fashion as a “playroom”

Massimo Ferretti Of Aeffe Group he had excellent words for the newcomer whose profound ability the company appreciated understand the world in which fashion fits. Renne is a special person, full of talent and endowed with sensitivity, said the executive president of Aeffe, who has no doubts that he will be able to carry on the Moschino tradition by proving himself to be worthy heir of the codes of the Maison.
Davide Renne, for his part, thanked the Moschino leaders, bringing to light the image of thestyle office like one game room used by Franco Moschino. Renne declared that his Moschino fashion will be oriented towards discovery, towards joyat the experimentation and concluded that he was honored to have received “the keys to his playroom” from Ferretti.

The stylist appreciated by fellow stylists

Congratulations for Renne arrive via social media through comments and shares of the post (shown below) via Stories from some of the most illustrious names in the fashion system. We cannot help but notice Alessandro Michele’s joy for one of his closest collaborators at Gucci, and that of Alessandro Dell’Acqua who exploded into a “Finally” accompanied by many exclamation points. Also Brognano (stylist at Blumarine), Marco De Vincenzo (Etro), Harris Reed (Nina Ricci) e Chiapponi (recently released by Tod’s), complimented Moschino’s new choice. Consensus also came from Harry Lambertstylist of stars with highly appreciated wardrobes, such as Harry Styles who, who knows, could soon become new muses of the Milanese brand.
Naturally, there are already those who point out that it could have been for the vacant position at Moschino a woman was taken into consideration in a world where there is a clear prevalence of men and where female designers struggle to emerge and place themselves in prominent positions (the last important appointment in this sense was recently made by McQueen).
On the sidelines of this consideration, it must be said that the arrival of Renne at Moschino confirms the trend of luxury brands bet on little-known creatives (but already with weighty CVs). This is what happened at Gucci with the arrival of De Sarno, with McGirr at McQueen, with Chemena Kamali at Chloé – but the list is long given the waltz of the seats that we have been witnessing for at least three, four seasons.
Many expect a Irreverent Moschino and outside the rules, one more version more exuberant than what we have seen so far. Others hope for a style that recalls the origins, however recent (the brand celebrates the fortieth anniversary just this year) of the brand. In four months we will have the first answers.