Who is Enrica Chicchio, the color harmony expert who is changing Elly Schlein’s style

The color expert takes care of the public image of the secretary of the Democratic Party, defined as a “woman in winter” on a chromatic level

Enrica Chicchio is an armocromist, that is an expert who selects the most suitable colors to be worn by a person to create a “perfect” outfit. She’s behind Elly Schlein’s look. This was revealed by the secretary of the Democratic Party herself, in an interview with Vogue (the first released to a newspaper since his appointment to the top dem). Chicchio defines herself as an “image consultant” and “personal shopper” and is one of the most renowned “stylists” in Bologna. Her consultancy can cost as much as 400 euros an hour. After having worked for 15 years in the contemporary art scene, Enrica has decided to dedicate her professionalism to making people “works of art” in their daily lives. A job that also requires great knowledge of the psyche of those who turn to her to change their look or to improve it. And great empathy without overpowering the customer’s “taste”.

But what is color harmony?

Chicchio explains it directly on his website: “It’s the first step of image consultancy. It aims to find the enhancing color palette in complete harmony with the chromatic characteristics of each of us”. Thanks to this consultancy we can discover the harmony of colors which, when applied to everyday life, will become precious allies in the choice of clothing, accessories and jewellery. Chicchio defines Schlein as belonging to the “winter” color scheme category, that is, all cold, contrasting and saturated colors look good on her. In addition to the color analysis, Chicchio gives advice on the figure (of the face and body), an analysis of the wardrobe by optimizing the spaces in the wardrobe by selecting which items to keep and which to abandon, carries out the personal shopping service to get the customer used to make purchases in a conscious way and tailored to your budget, to find the most suitable garments for the occasions of use.