Who is Fernando Téllez, the problematic ex-husband of Pamela Díaz

The driver Pamela Diaz The 41-year-old is one of the most recognized figures on Chilean television and this week she was in the spotlight due to recent statements by her ex-husband, businessman Fernando Téllez, who assured that he is up to date with the daughter’s food quota that they have in common, contradicting the statements of the brunette.

Pamela Díaz was married by civil Fernando Tellez in 2015 after almost two years of dating. In 2016 they had their daughter named Pascuala and ended their marriage at the end of 2019 amid strong controversy. It was she herself who gave details to the press of how her love was born with the businessman from the world of medical prostheses.

Some years ago, Pamela Diaz She told the ‘Vertigo’ program, when she was still in love with Fernando, the following: “He is handsome. Very handsome. Great. But we did not talk, because we are both medium heavy. The gentleman has his character. We looked at each other at school and after a while he wrote me a WhatsApp”.

Pamela Diaz. Source: instagram @pamefierediaz

“I had it, because we are from the course. And that bothered me. He told me something that bothered me a lot: That I didn’t look pretty in the WhatsApp photo. He tells me ‘can you change the WhatsApp photo? Because it’s not the prettiest’ I said “how daring” and I didn’t say anything to him, I played hard to get. Six months. He didn’t catch me anymore, “he added Pamela Diaz.

Fernando Téllez and his new partner. Source: instagram @ fernandotellez75

Finally, Pamela Diaz He explained how the relationship was consolidated: “Later we met at a children’s soccer game and we talked. He looked at me, he looked at me, and then we went out. I changed the WhatsApp photo, and there we began to talk.” At the time of their marriage, Fernando was a widower and Pamela was separated.

Pamela Diaz and Fernando Téllez formed a blended family between her two children with her ex Manuel Neira and his three in addition to Pascuala. Now the businessman will go through the altar again with the journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez who is pregnant and will add one more child to the family.