Who is Giacomo Volo, winner of All Together Now 2021

Giacomo Volo won All Together Now 2021, the program conducted by Michelle Hunziker with J-Ax judges, Rita Pavone, Francesco Renga and Anna Tatangelo. The singer beat Vincenzo Cantiello, who finished second, and Carola Campagna, third and who received the proposal of marriage with a ring from her boyfriend during the episode.

Who is Giacomo Flights

Giacomo Volo is 36 years old, is originally from Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia, and is a member of Rhapsody of Fire. Singer he won 100 thousand euros and in addition he will be given the opportunity to record a cover, which will be broadcast on Radio 101 frequencies. As soon as he was declared the winner he said: “You made me suffer! Thank you!”. Giacomo was born in Correggio on November 3, 1985. In 2014 participated in The Voice Of Italy, the talent of Rai 2. It was Piero Pelù who chose him and wanted him in his team. Giacomo managed to reach the final and finished second before Sister Cristina. In the same year, for the Universal record company, he made the single Remedy, written by Pelù, who occupied the first in the standings for a week.

Giacomo Flights, career and private life

Giacomo Volo recorded an album like frontman of the TeodasiA group, which he then left to pursue a solo career. From 2015 to 2017 he published songs such as “Ancora nell’Ombra” and “Prigionieri Liberi”. Since 2016 he is the frontman of the group Rhapsody Of Fire, with whom he released the album “The Eight Mountain” in 2019. The singer from Correggio is engaged to Francesca Zanetti, pole dance instructor. The two have been living together since 2012 in Borgo Virgilio (Mantua) together with 2 dogs and a brindle cat. Some curiosities about him: he has always had a weakness for long hair and has no intention of cutting them. He loves his dog called Ibra very much.