Who is Gigliola Cinquetti, at Sanremo 2024 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Non ho l’età

On Saturday 10th February the Sanremo 2024 final (THE LIVE).

Among the guests who will take the stage we also find Gigliola Cinquetti, the former child prodigy who won the Festival at just 16 years old. And that, today, you celebrate sixty years of I’m not old enough.

Childhood and first successes

Gigliola Cinquetti was born into a family of noble origins in Verona, on 20 December 1947. Graduated from the Art School, during her childhood she studied piano. At just 14 years old he began his professional musical career, winning the Castrocaro Festival in 1963. The following year, paired with Patricia Carli, he won Sanremo with I’m not old enough. The song also triumphed at the Eurovision Festival in Copenhagen, and went on to sell over four million copies across Europe.

International success

At a very young age, Gigliola Cinquetti became one of the best-known Italian singers abroad. In 1966, paired with Domenico Modugno, she won the Festival again with the song God how I love you. However, it will be Modugno alone who will bring the song (which ranked last) to the Eurovision Song Contest. Cinquetti returned to Brighton, United Kingdom, in 1974. She ranks second behind Abba with Yessong translated into English with the title Go (Before You Break My Heart)still counted today among his greatest international successes.

Family and love for art

Between the Sixties and Seventies, Gigliola Cinquetti often approached songwriting, interpreting songs written for her by sacred monsters of the Italian music scene such as Giorgio Gaber (PHOTO), Piero Ciampi, Enzo Jannacci, Francesco Guccini and Roberto Vecchioni. In parallel, he continues the career of actresswith several roles in television dramas including The crossroads (1972), in which she plays the role of a young singer who, after achieving success, gets lost on the street. Married to the journalist Luciano Teodori, leaves the stage for a long time in conjunction with the birth of his sons Giovanni and Costantino. Lover of painting, he creates some covers of his records and illustrates several books.

Decline and new work

At the end of the 1980s the decline in the musical field began, which led her to abandon her career as a singer for a long time in favor of journalism and television hosting. In 2008 she was awarded the Giulietta Award for Women for his career. His first book was published in 2014 I travel with her and, the following year, the new musical single Teardrop in an oceanpreview of the album 20.12 released on his birthday.