Who is Giorgio Pasotti’s current partner? Many will recognize her: what she does in life

Giorgio Pasotti is a beloved actor, but have you ever seen his current partner? Most likely many of her will recognize her.

There is no Mina Settembre without ‘her’ Claudio! The new episodes of Mina Settembre are involving everyone, confirming the truly unbeatable Rai Uno TV series. What will happen in the next episodes? In a few hours, a new one will be on the air. And, as also told in one of our articles, it is ready to give some big twists.

Who is his girlfriend. Credits: Instagram

If Giuseppe Zeno and Serena Rossi continue to be the pillars of the TV series, Giorgio Pasotti is no exception! In the role of Claudio, unfaithful ex husband of Mina Settembre, the actor is one of the fixed faces of the cast, playing the role of magistrate to whom the social worker turns on several occasions to solve his ‘cases’.

Waiting to find out what will happen tonight, you are curious to know something more about Giorgio Pasotti? We are talking about a very famous actor and, without a doubt, a super beloved face, but do you know who his current girlfriend is? In his past life, the good Pasotti has relationships with several famous people, but what do we know about his mate of today? When you see it, you will recognize it in no time.

Giorgio Pasotti, who is the current partner? Here it is: she is really beautiful

His career is going well, but his private life is not far behind! Engaged for several years with the very young Claudia, Giorgio Pasotti never misses an opportunity to reiterate how immense the feeling for her is really. Of course, it is really difficult to track down couple shots – it would seem, in fact, that both are very reserved – but in those few that we ‘found’ on Instagram, we could not help but notice their feeling and beauty. Giorgio Pasotti’s current girlfriend is called Claudia Tosoni and was born in 1992. According to what we learn from the web, the first meeting between the two seems to have been on the set. In fact, she too is a theatrical actress. Galeotto, therefore, was the show ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’: Giorgio and Claudia met behind the theater scenes and from there they never left.

The ‘surprises’ about Claudia, however, did not end there at all! Besides being a famous theatrical actress, the beautiful Tosoni is a TV face. In fact, back in 2012, the young woman took part in Miss Italy – the edition won by Giusy Buscemi – managing to rank third. No more chatter, are you curious to see them together? Here is their very recent couple shot:

Pasotti companion
Giorgio and Claudia. Credits: Instagram

We wish both Giorgio and Claudia a happy and successful life.